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About gocashless

Brady Waite, an entrepreneur with a charitable disposition, established gocashless in 2005. The platform was created to aid seamless, secure, and transparent credit card payment processing for non-profit organizations and events.

Over time, gocashless expanded its range of services to include fairs and carnivals that previously relied on cash transactions.

Today, gocashless is a highly acclaimed provider of credit and debit card processing solutions and equipment for fairs and carnivals across the United States.


We offer a safe, transparent and simple way to accept credit card payments.

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With so many options like cashless ticketing, uAccept POS, PAX EMV Terminals, Cradlepoint Routers, etc. We are constantly tailoring our products and services to fit your merchant needs.


Our customer support is graded top-notch. We put our customers first and want to ensure that you have the best experience using our services.

Contact gocashless to learn about a safer and more profitable way to handle cashless transactions at your events.

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