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Imagine people at your carnival—couples, young families, seniors, teenagers—lining up for vendors’ rides games and food without a care in the world. Why are they so happy? They already know they can use their favorite payment method thanks to the services from the gocashless team.


The gocashless team helps Vendors process transactions faster with our uAccept all-in-one point-of-sale, Verizon 3G Wireless terminals.


Contact us today and find out how gocashless can help your next fair, carnival or event, a carefree experience.

Our Services

  • Credit/debit card processing
  • Cashless payment systems
  • Onsite and online ticketing services
  • Smartphone processing apps
  • Cloud-based Point-of-sale terminals
  • Mobile internet services with WiFi
  • Onsite tech support
  • Consulting services







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