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Process Payments
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To learn how gocashless can make your next fair, carnival, or event fun and carefree, call us at (877) 362-3800 today.

We help vendors process transactions using customizable, PCI-compliant payment systems, including all-in-one point-of-sale systems like Clover, hand-held terminals, mobile internet, and more.

Our expertise is assisting fairs, carnivals, and event organizers to provide a less cumbersome and modernized payment experience for vendors and guests by integrating Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other Tap to Pay options.

You can find out how gocashless can make your next event run more smoothly and increase profitability by contacting us at 877-362-3800.

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If you're an organizer of fairs, carnivals, or events, your top priority is ensuring the safety of all involved parties, including attendees, vendors, and yourself. Achieving this goal often entails hiring security personnel to prevent any incidents of misconduct or theft of funds, which can significantly increase your expenses. However, there's good news - you can now avoid the hassle of arranging extra security to move cash from one location to another during the event and prevent any potential problems with individual vendor credit card processors.
At gocashless, we provide cashless integration services to ensure a safe and efficient fair or carnival experience for vendors and attendees alike. Our state-of-the-art software and hardware, including on-site ticket boxes and handheld point-of-sale terminals with card readers, are designed to create an unforgettable experience. All transactions are encrypted to ensure security. Should any issues arise, we can handle them remotely or on-site based on your event's specific needs. We are also involved in field testing cloud-based POS technology.
At gocashless, we offer more than just a regular credit card service. Our focus is on assisting organizers of fairs, carnivals, and events to create a safer and more convenient experience for their vendors and customers. To achieve this, we provide secure hardware and software that is encrypted and PCI-compliant. With gocashless, you have a range of processing options to choose from that will improve your sales and give your vendors and guests a secure and dependable way to buy and sell items at your events.