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Funtastic Shows

Address: 3407 SE 108th Ave., Portland OR 97266

Phone: 503.761.0989

Email: contact@funtasticshows.com

Web: www.funtasticshows.com

Web2: www.funcardsystem.com

Relationship: Funtastic Shows is the proprietor of “FunCard” a custom cashless ticketing system designed for the Carnival and Fair Industry.  Gocashless corp and Funtastic shows worked together to integrate our Payment gateway.  This allowed FunCard clients to offer encrypted-at-the-swipe credit card processing services to their Carnival guests. Funtastic Shows currently provides the country’s leading carnival midway cashless ticketing system.

Interactive Ticketing

Address: 7001 Seaview Ave NW, Suite 160-400,
Seattle WA 98117

Phone: 877.253.5676

Email: support@interactiveticketing.com

Web: www.interactiveticketing.com

Relationship:  Interactive Ticketing provides top rated online and onsite ticketing services to several Event industries including the Haunt industry.  Gocashless corp is a preferred integrated payment processor and payment gateway for use with their ticketing system.  We have worked with Interactive ticketing since 2008.


Address: P.O. Box 12222,
College Station, TX 77842

Phone: 888.332.2419

Web: www.fairsoftware.net

We're mentioned on their site as a preferred partner: http:/www.fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=117028

Relationship: ShoWorks provides the Carnival Industries leading Entries Software to mostly all Fairs and Carnivals across the country.  Gocashless corp is the preferred integrated payment processor and payment gateway utilized with their ShoWorks software.

SignaPay, LTD

Address: 4100 W. Royal Ln. Ste 150 Irving, Texas 75063

Phone: 800.944.1399

Email: sales@signapay.com

Web: www.signapay.com

Relationship: SignaPay is our #1 choice for writing our merchant services accounts.  We have been exclusively sending business to SignaPay since our business started in 2005.  They are committed to our success and the success of our clients.  They provide industry leading services such as their 100% online application process.

Processing Point

Makers of uAccept Point-of-Sale and uAttend Time &
Attendance Systems

Address: 2777 Loker Ave West. Suite A, Carlsbad CA 92010

Phone: 800.518.8925

Web: www.uaccept.com

Email: support@trackmypos.com

Relationship: Processing Point is the proprietor of the uAccept Point of Sale and many other cloud- connected products.  Gocashless corp was the first reseller partner of the uAccept Point-of-sale and we were closely involved in the early development of the reports.  The uAccept point-of-sale is approved for use at Carnivals and Fairs across the country.

PAX Technology Limited

Address: 4901 Belfort Road Suite 130, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: 904.900.3741

Email: support@pax.us

Web: www.paxtechnology.us

Relationship:  PAX Technology is our preferred choice for Stand-alone wireless and wired credit card terminals.  They offer an easy-to-use terminal that preforms one job perfectly, processing credit cards!  PAX terminals deliver EMV (Chip Card) processing which ensures our clients are using the most secure terminals available.  All PAX terminals come with a 2-year warranty which keeps our clients up and running.

Network Merchants, LLC

Address: 201 Main St., Roselle, IL 60172

Phone: 847.352.4850 ext. 1

Email: support@nmi.com

Web: www.nmi.com

Relationship:  Network Merchants is our preferred gateway for use with the FunCard system and other Point-of-Sale systems deployed with our client base.  We have been a strategic partner since 2005 and we are proud to call them our #1 preferred Gateway choice.  Network Merchants is certified to process EMV (Chip Card) Transactions using the Ingenico Telium series Pin Pads. They offer a very easy-to-use Virtual terminal interface which also provides robust reporting features.

BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC

Address: 600 Northlake Blvd, Suite 210,
Almonte Springs, FL 32701

Phone: 866.531.1460

Email: Gateway.Support@bridgepaynetwork.com

Web: www.bridgepaynetwork.com

Relationship: BridgePay is our preferred gateway for use with the uAccept POS system and other Point-of-Sale systems deployed with our client base.  They offer 365/24/7 Gateway technical support which is an added bonus.  They have a very robust user interface for reporting purposes and have a redundant backup gateway in place.


Phone: 877.447.3938

Email: resellersupport@authorize.net

Web: www.authorize.net

Relationship:  gocashless corp is a Reseller for the Authrize.net payment gateway.  Authorize.net is one of the most recognized payment gateways on the market.  They are integrated with a multitude of devices, shopping carts, point-of-sale systems, etc.; making Authorize.net a very versatile gateway that can be used in several situations.







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